Unusual Risks


Whatever your occupation and whatever your business does, if you think you are unusual or ‘hard to insure’ we can probably help. One of our areas of expertise is to help those who have struggled to find suitable insurance elsewhere.

Sometimes homeowners struggle to obtain quotes due to flood or subsidence problems. Perhaps you have a history of CCJs and/or bankruptcy which is preventing you from obtaining cover from standard providers. A lot of businesses and occupations do not fit into the nice, neat pigeon-holes that some Insurers prefer to only underwrite.

There are nearly always insurance markets available for all scenarios and situations – the problem is finding an underwriter that can offer terms and at a price that is suitable. That is where we come in – we have extensive markets and options available to us and we have years and years of expertise in being able to place risks that others cannot.

In fact, we often prefer a challenge so put us to the test and let us see what we can do. No need to hang around!