We save our clients’ money in nearly all instances and we can give them wide cover with reputable Insurers. We are specialists in this sector and there is rarely a property or situation we are unable to quote on competitively. We can help with most risks including:

· Commercial – all types of tenancy including unoccupied, e.g. offices, industrial units, shops, pubs, agricultural etc.

· Residential – houses, blocks of flats, conversions, unoccupied, buildings in the course of renovation or undergoing structural work

· Portfolios – where multiple properties are owned

Adequately insuring any property that you own is crucial, especially if there are financial interests involved. We can advise on the best way to ensure your investment to ensure that in the event of a loss or damage you are covered properly.
Even if you feel your situation is unusual we can assist – in fact, we can probably give you more options that you thought were available initially.
Knock on our door – we can help!