Fluidity Insurance

Fluidity Insurance Consultants are one of the South’s leading independent insurance brokers, offering a wide range of commercial and personal products.

Service – We offer an exceptional level of service that comes from having over 25 years’ experience.  We are passionate about helping people find the right insurance to suit their needs as cost that matches their expectations.

Markets – Due to having established relationships with many key Insurers, we can negotiate terms whatever your requirements are – even if they are slightly unusual in nature!

Cover – Our technical experience means that we can ensure you purchase the insurance that will give you peace of mind and enable you to sleep at night.  We will work hard to understand your requirements and research the relevant markets on your behalf.

Our 3 key areas:

Specialisms – Property Owners (Buy to Let) and Charities – we have extensive experience in these particular areas

Commercial/SME – all types of business and for a wide variety of covers.  We can often assist firms with unusual requirements or when they don’t happen to fit standard products.

Personal – all types of household requirements, including many types of unusual situation